A kitchen designed specifically to enhance the architectural features of this new extension, Ecomalta resin and stainless steel lacquer were chosen for their bold textures and industrial feel. The Ecomalta hand applied resin is durable and light enabling the unique suspended peninsula. The island was clad in Laminan ceramic giving the design a strong monolithic edge. Dyed oak veneer column units create warmth and contrast with the black steel architectural features.

The floating hob area is key to the design, giving the kitchen a focal point while maintaining a light, airy feel. The lightweight Ecomalta peninsula is reminiscent of a cantilever architectural structure. A flush mounted countersunk gas hob finishes the look.

The dyed oak veneer gives texture and warmth to the design, contrasting with the black glass of the Miele ovens and soft grey Ecomalta worktop. The satin finish of the veneered units bounces light around the space and adds depths to the scheme.

Storage was key in such a compact space, with every millimetre considered. Oak fitted cutlery dividers are used in conjunction with an integrated stainless steel pull out worktop which is used as additional space for bread-making.