A large elegant family kitchen, which optimises every space available. Combining design with practicality to deliver a well formed scheme to serve a busy family of five. Storage was key, floor to ceiling cabinets were chosen to accommodate vast quantities of kitchen equipment. So not to overwhelm the space, custom-made open shelving systems were designed to allow curation of the client’s favourite pieces.

Made from satin stainless steel, the island worktop extends into a kitchen dining table that the family of five use at every opportunity. Using a 45 degree mitred edge detail, the worktop merges with the cabinetry, creating a razor thin illusion.

Bi-fold pocket doors were used for the sink run to allow the area to be concealed when entertaining, giving the kitchen two personas. When the pocket doors open, the distinct Wenge veneer emerges and blends with the island.

A further pocket door area was designed with a hidden wine conditioner for ease of access to the drinks cabinet whilst entertaining. The sensor controlled lighting ensures an opulent ambiance is maintained.